Freshen and Purify Your Carpet

As much as I love my pup, Moose, he wreaks havoc on our carpets.


Between bringing in dirt from outside, licking the carpet, and shedding, I should ideally be vacuuming and shampooing my carpet on a daily basis. That obviously isn’t going to happen, that’s why I was more than happy to find an alternative to tide me and my carpets over in between carpet shampoos.

I stumbled upon a recipe for a carpet freshener and purifier using baking soda and purification essential oil. It is a simple way to freshen up the carpets plus purification can help to  get rid of bacteria (purification is one of the oils in the Premium Starter Kit FYI).

carpet freshener/purifier

To make this carpet freshener, simply mix one box of baking soda with about 10 drops of purification essential oil. Let the mixture dry for a few hours before transferring to a sealed container.

carpet freshener/purifier

Once you are ready to use the mixture, sprinkle it on your carpet, let sit for 5 minutes (or less–it would be fine) and then vacuum it up!

carpet freshener/purifier

carpet freshener/purifier

carpet freshener/purifier

The result is a clean, fresh, and purified carpet. You could also use this on home furniture with fabric (obviously leather wouldn’t be the best idea), dog beds, and in your car!

I LOVE the scent of purification (citronella , lemongrass, rosemary, melaleuca, lavandin , and myrtle). It brightens up the whole house and makes me happy. In the fall and winter months, I will be making carpet freshener using thieves oil instead of purification for more of a cinnamon-y/festive smell!

Fresh carpets await!

Melanie is a Registered Dietitian and mama-to-be. She and her husband (and their 90# fur baby German Shepherd, Moose) live in a sweet little neighborhood in the suburbs of the Twin Cities. In her spare time she loves to hang out with family and friends, go for walks, run, hike, travel, write for her healthy living blog,, cook, soak up the sunshine, go to farmer’s markets, and play around with essential oils!

melanie and moose

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