Oils for Labor and Delivery

When I was planning for labor and delivery with my son Bode, I had typed up my “birth preferences” and I had typed up my list of “oils for labor and delivery.” Because my labor progressed so quickly and I couldn’t wrap my brain around anything other than getting through excruciating back labor, I didn’t have time to get any oils going (not until after baby arrived at least).  But since I spent the time to put a list together, I thought you all might enjoy seeing it! When baby number two comes around, we will see if I have the time to get some of these oils rolling during L and D!

It is always good advice to talk to your physician before using any of these oils during pregnancy and/or while in labor. 

Not all of these oils need to be used during labor and delivery, it depends on the progress of each individual birth.

Oils for Labor and Delivery 

Clary sage: can help labor keep moving when taken internally or rubbed on the lower belly and back.

Fennel, Ylang Ylang, and Clary Sage: these can be used on acupressure points (such as the inside of the ankles and web between thumb and forefinger) to help advance labor.

Gentle Baby: This oil helps maintain a calm demeanor and atmosphere. While helpful for mama it is also extremely helpful for dads or partners. Diffuse through the room or apply to feet, wrists and chest.

Peace and Calming: This oil and Gentle Baby can be used almost interchangeably for the purposes listed above. Great for diffusing as well as applying behind ears and on wrists and feet.

Lavender: Also helps to keep a calm atmosphere and mindset as well as being stimulating to the circulatory system. In addition it is good for the perineum during delivery. Diffuse or apply in a carrier oil.
***Avoid using it too early in labor though as it can slow things down if they aren’t well established.


Valor: Helpful throughout labor to boost morale and to help with body alignment, especially the hips. This is an extremely helpful oil to use during transition and can be applied to the chest, feet, neck and base of spine. Give a 10 minute window or so around the application of this oil and the application of another.

Geranium: This one is great for the perineum. The midwife can dilute it in a good carrier oil and apply it directly to the area to help prevent damage.

Pan Away: Can be rubbed on the belly in a carrier oil to help with pain management.


After birth:

While relaxing with baby and family:

I liked to diffuse lavender or peace and calming. Frankincense would be another great one to diffuse! Can you spot the diffuser I brought in my hospital room?!

(Pic of Bode and his Godfather!)


For home: 

I HIGHLY recommend making “padsicles” which I made with heavy flow (unscented) menstrual pads, witch hazel, aloe vera gel, lavender, and geranium. I don’t have the exact recipe I used but here is one to give you an idea:  http://www.thebusybhomemaker.com/padsicles-the-ultimate-postpartum-diy/

Whether or not you use these ideas for yourself or for a loved one, don’t keep them to yourself! These oil ideas can make labor and delivery much more peaceful for parents, and can make recovery more comfortable too!

Melanie is a Registered Dietitian, mama to 16 month old Bode, new puppy Jazzy, and wife to her wonderful husband Dana. In her spare time she loves to be with family and friends, go for walks, run, cook, hike, travel, get crafty, and play around with essential oils!

If you would like to order any Young Living products, please contact Melanie or any other coconut for more information! melaniehallal@gmail.com


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